Minion Bracelet – how to guide

Below you will find a list of the things you will need to make this awesome Minion Bracelet


Beads – You will need blue and yellow beads, you can get a variety pack from hobbycraft
Elastic – You will need this for stringing the beads together
Google Eyes – Different sizes for different-sized beads
E6000 Glue – or any other super glue
Black Permanent Marker

Okay let’s go, start off by drawing a black line with your permanent marker all the way around the center of your yellow beads, then add a little bit of the super glue, (use a toothpick you don’t want to get this on your fingers) glue to the back of each google eye and attach to the bead on top of the black line. Use a toothpick to add the google eyes too.



Give some 1 eye and others 2 eyes for a different look.


Once you have done all your beads, get your elastic ready and make sure you cut the elastic a few inches longer than your wrist or the person’s wrist you are making the bracelet for. Then add all your beads onto your elastic, you can alternate the beads one blue, then a yellow then a blue, although it’s up to you on how you want your bracelet to look.


Once you have finished stringing your beads, tie off your bracelet by crossing the right string over the left string 2 times and then pull tight.
Then cross the left string over the right string and pull through the whole you just made, pull tight. For extra strength, you can make one more knot by passing the right string over the left and pulling through the hole you just made.
Tighten your knot and then put a small dot of your glue on the knot and let this dry. Trim the ends of the elastic off.
Let the glue dry for a few hours and then your new awesome Minion Bracelet will be ready for all your friends to see.

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